Bo has tremendous health, structure, pattern, glitter, and above all personality !

There can only be one King of the Chateau, and ours is Bo !

If you look really close you will see the fuzzy mouse he just caught !

Hamming it up for the camera - it is never all work and no play - such a silly boy !

Not Surprising that a teenage (about 5 months old) kitty's favorite baseball team would be named after a fish !

Taken in our home on August 8, 2012

It's Good to be KING

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Big daddy Bo is tremendously proud of his kittens and loves hanging out and playing with them - 

and an occasional nap together too !

Bo's structure (type / conformation) is tremendously athletic and perfectly proportioned !

Bo's has an Amazing Giant Rosetted (and glittered) pattern and an absolutely Beautiful Profile  !

Just Chillin' at the Cattery

            Sire: Bali Bengal Blizzard (France)                                      Dam: Bundas Showgirl of Fakir Bengal (Montreal)

If you wonder how much of a difference there is between a Kitten's Fuzzy Stage and their final pelted coat............

this is Bo in his late fuzzy stage. (about 12 weeks old).

When he was just a PRINCE


Like father - like son!

Lounging on my nice warm laptop  -   young Bo's favorite places !

Photos taken in our home on May 18, 2014