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Beautiful Bebe'  just had July 2017 Babies

Taking  Deposits Now on her Next Litter - Coming in February 2018

A Beautiful Girl I am so privileged to call my own ! 

Photo by Helmi   

My sweet Bebe' !

Here's looking at you - really, really looking at you - kid !

Photo by Helmi   

A Relaxed Bebe' chillin' in the Cattery ! 

This is a very common pose for her !   

Helmi takes the most amazing pictures !

I LOVE the pictures of Bebe on the prowl !

Highly Focused on a Feather !

Photo by Helmi   

Photo by Helmi   

At a photo shoot with Helmi !

Stalking her favorite feather toy !

Photo by Helmi   

If you have heard that Bengals love to be up high...you heard correctly. 

This is one of her favorite places!   

Photo by Helmi   

See her gorgeous exotic F2 Kittens at the Bottom of the Kitten Page

            Foundation Bengals (F1s, F2s and F3s)will test you (just like any new kitten, or puppy) and it is entirely up to you whether the relationship created is as awesome as it could be.  They absolutely love to love their humans and when they are certain their human is you they will become the closest buddy you have ever had !

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Bebe' (F1)