About Our Cattery

Our Babies are so very special to us ! 

We are with them from the moment they are born and a part of their daily lives until they join their new families. 

We get to know their personalities and look to match them with the most compatible families.

Beautiful F1 Bebe' peaking from the top of my bookcase

Always, always, watching, always!

Big Bo Catching the Birdie (feathers).

Such a big boy and he thinks he's still a kitten !

Exotic and Beautifully Unique Leopard Babies !

Sweet, Silly Simon who thinks he is really a dog and chases our golden retriever all over the house - usually sneak attacks. And his brother - best buddy - Theodore!

Bo  is a proud papa !  Our First and Very Special King !

And the sweetest boy ever !

His personal page has his baby pics too!  

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Our Modified Raw Diet Food

We feed a very high protein raw diet for the healthiest, happiest kitties ! 

 We provide recipes to all families who have our babies.


Little Peanut Butter Cup (F2)

has the biggest eyes ever !

A special little boy who NEVER turns down a treat ! 

Please Keep Scrolling.

We have raised all of our Girlsfrom the time they were little kittens themselves. 

They ALL hold highly sought after pedigrees with personalities to match. 

 Read more and see more pictures by visiting the Queens page !

This is Lily Chi !

She is Leah's beautiful baby girl and enjoys a very spoiled life - travelling from Florida to Colorado. New York, and many other wonderful places with her family !

 Little Sunshine! She is such a Love Bug!

Fun Family Pictures . . . 

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Two BEAUTIFUL sisters lounging in the sun at home in Miami

Proud to be a part of TICA's Responsible Breeder Program and a recognized TICA OUTSTANDING CATTERY !!!

Note: This cattery has not been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association.


BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY - BORN Sept. 25, 2016 !


Exotic Sibyla! Another of our lovely Queens!

Bengale' Chateau Cattery Exotic Bengal Kittens And Cats in Florida

Life is Really Good in Kitty Playland !

After a day chasing each other and playing with us

- all tuckered out

Charlie hanging out with his little cousin - in his stylin' new jacket !

Beautiful Sisters Alice and Esmeralda enjoying a restful afternoon nap in their happy home with Nick !!!

Zephyrus Snow(F5/SBT Bengal)

Our newest Stud! Producing absolutely GORGEOUS BABIES !!!.


Call or Text Cindy at 954-598-1442 OR Send Emal to Cindy@BengalChateau.com

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Momma Meme! Just one of our Beautiful Girls!

Referred to as Foundation Cats.

Quite special and very unique!  We have the most Exotic Bengal Kittens and Cats in Florida !

VisitBebe'spage for more infor and pictures.

            We are an elite boutique Cattery located in the Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida.  Our Cattery name reflects the true environment and attitude that our Exotically Regal  Bengals enjoy - our home is their Castle!  We fell in love with the Bengal breed and wanted to be able to provide others with the same love and entertainment only a Bengal can provide.  We are a small in-home cattery where our kitties live indoors 100% of the time - with the occasional visit to the outdoor play area when we are enjoying family pool-time together.

           We spent a lot of time and effort in locating the exact pedigrees and waiting for the perfect litters from which to select our kittens who would become our founding breeding Kings and Queens.  Our kitties came from as far as Montreal (with a father born in France) to as close as central Florida.  When we found Boreas (Bo) we knew we had found a very, very special boy.  In fact, he is so special that we chose to have him as the only male in our breeding program - please read more about him (and see his awesome pictures) on his personal webpage.  although they can be mischievous at times.  Each of them have their own special stories and pedigrees: Bebe' (F1) came from Stacy Hansen's cattery Texas Star Bengals in Levon, (near Dallas) Texas.;  Ms. Meme(our southern belle) came from Melissa Byrd's cattery BelleAmi in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She is now a retired lady of leisure and her daughter,Beautiful BordeauxEach of these little ladies have their personal pages with beautiful pictures and information about them and their amazing pedigrees. 

            We spent the past year raising and loving our Bo and his lovely ladies while they were growing into gorgeous adults who are now having little ones of their own.  As breeders it is our desire to provide the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful bengal possible.  We specialize in quality - not quantity - and do not have kittens year round.  We believe there should be as little stress as possible in our little ones lives and do not force breeding or weaning of kittens.  

            When love is in the air, Bo and his sweetheart share their private chateau and enjoy each other's company.  After a week or so Bo gets some private restful time where he typically lays about on a perch watching others play - occasionally joining in.  His lady love enjoys playing with her friends and preparing for the day she will have her kittens.  About twenty days later we look for indications she is pregnant and usually begin adding extra calcium and calories to her diet to support her health and healthy kitten growth.  It is at this point we will accept deposits on her litter. At about seven to seven and a half weeks along the mom-to-be also gets an occasional bit of Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) added to her diet.  This gives her lots of good extra protein, calcium, iron, vitamins D & B12, Taurine, and other nutrients. In addition to supporting her health and that of her kittens this also aids her in developing her own milk production when birthing time comes around.  All of these extras during her pregnancy provide for a healthier mom and healthier babies. 

            At about the same time, we take a trip to the veterinarian's office for a pre-natal x-ray to learn the number of kittens she is carrying and look for any foreseeable circumstances that may present possible complications during birthing.  The health of our girls and her kittens are our absolute primary concern at this time.  All of these extras are possible because we are a small boutique cattery.  Starting out in life as healthy as possible with a loving stress-free environment is facilitated by the extras most people would provide if they had only one kitty who was having kittens - we believe our girls are special and unique and should be treated that way.   We treat all of our little ones as the special members of the family they are while at the same time producing a very, very healthy, happy top quality pride of kittens.  

            Our kittens are born in a plush, private birthing den where mom and babies are secluded from the hustle and bustle of others.  I typically help mom clean and dry her kittens and place them next to her so they can start nursing right away.  We clean the den immediately after the last kitten is born and place mom and her litter in their nursery with a warm heating pad and bedding so the babies will stay cozy during times when mom must eat and use the litter box.  We weigh the babies at birth and monitor their weight - to ensure the littlest of ones are getting to eat as much as their bigger siblings.  About two weeks later the little guys are just starting to open their eyes and wiggle around - still really wobbly on their feet.  They continue to nurse and grow for the next few weeks.  Our kittens are weaned when Mom and Kittens decide they are ready - we do not force wean any of our kittens - ever (including the F2s)!  It is vital for the health and socialization for the kitten and their moms that the weaning process is a natural and stress-free one.

                Because of this special care and boutique-style, we do not "price" our kittens for "sale." Our focus is to place the right kittens and cats with the right parent(s).  We spend countless hours with all of the kittens getting to know their personalities and preferences.  As a result we are able to place that "perfect" boy or girl in the home they were meant to join.  We endeavor to place high-energy playful kittens with families looking to have lots of playtime and interaction, the "chill" playful kitten with a more quiet laid back home, etc.  Our primary objective is to create a perfect match and kitten experience not to sell kittens.  There is never an issue of looks and personality.  There is always a beauty with the "right" personality for the "right" home.  Because we spent so much time, effort and yes financial investment in Bo and his ladies, the kittens are all gorgeous and it is only a matter matching the little ones to the best possible environment. 

            The result is that our kittens are no more expensive than other high quality catteries - but there are less of them available.  So, if you are interested in that perfect little kitty from our Cattery please contact Cindy right away.  We will only take deposits for currently available kittens or known bred females.

Below are  a few fun pictures (lots, lots more pictures on kittens, king, and queens pages):