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Tucked in for a nap with a full belly -

couldn't get much cuter than this !

Still in the Fuzzy Stage here at about 5 Weeks Old.

Two Adorable Brothers  - enjoying a snack ! ! !

(Walter is on the Left)

My Absolute Favorite Picture of the Two Brothers ! ! !

(Walter is on the Right)

A Few Baby Pictures . . .

Photo shoots are actually just play time in front of a camera.

Here he is practicing to be a zombie for Halloween.

I think he's got it down !

Walter was only about 18 weeks old here (and below).  We are so lucky his new family is so close by that his new dad Sean let us babysit during his vacation and we snapped these pictures of him.


(Born 1/23/2014)

Dam: Bebe' (F1)      Sire: Boreas (SBT)