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Non-Refundable Deposit Policy

ALL DEPOSITS made toward the purchase of a kitten or adult are UNCONDITIONALLY NON-REFUNDABLE !


The reason we retain all deposits is because we want to provide the best opportunity for our kitties to form a bond in their home as early in their lives as possible. 

The kitten(s), for which this deposit is received, is being held for the benefit of the Purchaser, and will not be sold or offered for sale to any other prospective purchaser. By holding a kitten for a specific Purchaser, we are preventing others from purchasing him or her.

Our main goal is to place our kittens and beloved adults in loving, responsible homes in a timely manner so that they may develop the strongest bond with their new families.

If a kitten is being held and then a Purchaser changes his or her mind; or surrenders the kitten/adult, that the opportunity for the kitten(s) to be placed in a home while still at the most desirable bonding age is jeopardized. Retaining all deposits assists us in providing the additional care for the kitten(s) that is required until an appropriate alternate home is found.

Additionally, the understanding that deposits are not refundable also ensures that those who place deposits with us have made a serious thoughtful decision about bringing a new little fur baby into their home and that this is not an impulse decision made without the commitment needed when adding a new member of the family !

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