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Big daddy Bo is tremendously proud of his kittens and loves hanging out and playing with them - 

and an occasional nap together too !

Like father - like son!

Bo's structure (type / conformation) is tremendously athletic and perfectly proportioned !

Bo's has an Amazing Giant Rosetted (and glittered) pattern and an absolutely Beautiful Profile  !

Bo has tremendous health, structure, pattern, glitter, and above all personality !

There can only be one King of the Chateau, and ours is Bo !

If you look really close you will see the fuzzy mouse he just caught !

Hamming it up for the camera - it is never all work and no play - such a silly boy !

Just Chillin' at the Cattery

Lounging on my nice warm laptop  -   young Bo's favorite places !

Not Surprising that a teenage (about 5 months old) kitty's favorite baseball team would be named after a fish !

            Sire: Bali Bengal Blizzard (France)                                      Dam: Bundas Showgirl of Fakir Bengal (Montreal)

If you wonder how much of a difference there is between a Kitten's Fuzzy Stage and their final pelted coat............

this is Bo in his late fuzzy stage. (about 12 weeks old).

Taken in our home on August 8, 2012

Photos taken in our home on May 18, 2014

When he was just a PRINCE

It's Good to be KING