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The three beautiful girls below are the Queens of our Chateau Cattery.  They each have a separate personal page with loads of individual pictures of them.  You can visit their pages by either selecting the option in the "queens" drop down menu or clicking on one of the numerous text or picture links.

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Photo taken by Helmi

The Lovely Ladies of Bengal Chateau

Bebe's Story

            Bebe is an F1 Bengal. An F1 (a.k.a. First Generation, Filial 1, Foundation 1) has an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) parent and typically a StudBook Tradition (SBT) Bengal parent. Bebe's father is an ALC and her mother is an SBT Bengal.  Owning an F1 is an incredibly special experience.  One which requires responsibility and dedication but with that these early generation kitties reward you with unconditional trust and love.  If socialized properly (with patience, love and understanding), they will form a very strong bond with one person and accept others as members of their family.  

            F1s and F2s (Bebe's kittens) are not for everyone.  They require a little extra early attention to create the best relationship versus an SBT.  They are very energetic and athletic and do best in a home that is prepared to play with them often (lots of exercise diminishes mischief).  Your relationship with them is on their terms not the other way around.  However, they will accept you as their leader if you put in the effort and once you become buddies, you will be buddies for life with the most awesome furry friend ever!

            Because of the relationship Bebe' and I share, she allows me to play an intimate role during the birth and maternal care of her kittens.  We Do Not remove kittens while they are still nursing.  However, we do pick them up, cuddle with them, weigh them and pet them daily from the day of their birth until they go to their permanent homes.  Although she watches me extremely closely each time, she does not object and sometimes I think I even see some relief on her face when we start to help her wean them.

            To see Bebe's kittens please go to the Kittens page and take a look at Walter and Peanut

If you are interested in adding an F2 (one of Bebe's babies) to your family call or emailCindy for more information.

Meme's Story

            Meme came from the BelleAmi Cattery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She is a quite special southern belle with gorgeous type, the most amazing glitter, an amazing profile and is the most affectionate little lady with a huge personality.  Her personality has also proven to make her a phenomenal mother to her own kittens and occasionally those of the other girls - she loves being a momma !  It is not uncommon to find her cleaning and even nursing one of the other kittens during their play time together. 

            Her pedigree includes multiple champions, founding catteries, and nothing other than rosetted or spotted black-brown bengals for more than five (5) generations.  She has given us the most beautiful and healthy babies that anyone could ever ask for.  The combination of Meme with Bo is simply the cat's meow !   

            The story of how she got her name is a funny one.  My daughter and I drove to Baton Rouge to pick up Meme.  We weren't sure of her name and believed she would tell us what it was when she was ready - she did !  That night in the hotel with her - unless one of us was holding her - she would not meow, but would keep saying meh, meh.  Right then we knew her name was Meme !

To see pictures of Memeplease visit her personal page - and to see her gorgeous kittens visit our Kittens page and take a look. 

It was Meme who gave us the little girl (Marley) that Dr. Eccher (our veterinarian) chose as his own !

Fefe's Story

            Fefe was actually born here at Bengal Chateau - so we had her from the moment she was born.  Her mom (G.G.) was staying with us during the end of her pregnancy - her cattery mom (Wildstyle Bengals) was in the process of moving and wanted G.G. to have the least amount of stress possible during her pregnancy, so she asked if G.G. could stay with us during the move.  G.G. slept with my daughter and they became the best of friends.  So rather than another move she stayed with us for a while longer and had her kittens in our home cattery.

            Fefe was one of those kittens (the only silver - taking after her father).  She was very quick to tell us that she was queen bee so we obliged her and crowned her as one of our queens.  She has a perfect profile and huge green eyes.  Her coat is beautiful silver/black spotted with gorgeous shine and frosting (silver glitter).  She has prove to be worthy of her throne - but she always new that !

To see pictures of Fefe please visit her personal page !

WildStyle Fefe  of Bengal Chateau

TexasStar Bebe (F1) of Bengal Chateau

BelleAmi Ms. Meme of Bengal Chateau

To see more great pictures go to Bebe's very own webpage!   She was honored to be photographed by renowned photographerHelmi!  

Sire:   ACA Magic of TexasStar (ALC)        Dam:  Texas Star Butterfly

HCM Negative               PK Def N/N

 Sire:  SierraGold Beaux of BelleAmi      Dam: Gogees Dark Angel of BelleAmi

HCM Negative      PK Def N/N

SireSilverGlam Swagger of WildStyle     DamLegacie Gossip Girl of Wildstyle

HCM Negative      PK Def N/N

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