Purchasing Information

            ALL of our KITTENS / CATS are sold only with a WRITTEN purchase AGREEMENT.  There are no representations or warranties made, or kittens held or reserved prior to Bengal Chateau receiving the agreed upon deposit and the bilaterally signed purchase agreement (by both parties purchaser and Bengal Chateau).  These kittens / cats are the exclusive property of Bengal Chateau and shall be deemed as such until a written purchase agreement has been signed by both parties and the appropriate agreed upon deposits and/or full payment have been received by Bengal Chateau.

For Information on Reputable Bengal Breeders please read the information provided by these links to TIBCS and TICA or to check out the comments from the BelleAmi cattery where my dear Ms. Meme was born regarding Responsible Breeding and Bengal Pricing - click here.

            We own both parents of all of the Kittens pictured on our site and available for sale from our Cattery.  We are very proud of them and of our Cattery and invite you to visit us and meet mom and dad and see the environment in which the kittens are born, loved and cared for.  Reputable, quality breeders always welcome you into their cattery (of course after first vaccines and at appropriate age of kittens) to visit and meet the kittens and parents in their natural, normal environment.  The Kittens you meet at the Cattery are the kittens that will go home with you, pictures of them, showing their gorgeous and unique patterns will accompany them from the early fuzzy days to the pretty pelted coats  

            ALL of our kittens come with age appropriate vaccinations up to the date they leave for their new homes (Three sets) - they receive a full veterinary exam before leaving the Cattery, including fecal test.  ALL of our litters of kittens are TICA registered and each kitten will come with their registration papers (if spayed or neutered prior to leaving the Cattery - or upon proof of same by purchaser at an agreed upon later date).  Kittens get to go to their new homes between 12 and 18 weeks of age - depending on the circumstances of their new home and readiness of the kittens - we do not force wean our kittens; and litter training, as well as socialization, is best and most effective when assisted by momma kitty and littermates.

            ALL of our Kittens are sold with a Three year Health Guarantee (the terms and conditions of the Health Guarantee are as per our written agreement with you), a "goodie bag" with samples of dry food, moist food, freeze dried chicken treats, a favorite fuzzy toy, and a bag of compressed pine litter.  If staying locally, we also provide a free visit to see Dr. Eccher (Just Paws Animal Hospital)for your first check-up and booster shots.         

Deposits & Waiting List Info

Please Read below Before placing Deposit

Deposits for Existing Kittens / Adult Cats: 

            There will be NO monetary refunds of deposits, purchase price, veterinary expenses or of any other costs - for any reason - other than as stated in the written Kitten/Cat Purchase AgreementThe purchase of any pet is a life-time commitment for your pet - please be sure you are ready to add a new family member to your home before placing your deposit or purchasing a kitten (from anyone).  It is very traumatic for pets to be rehomed so please be sure about your commitment to bring a new pet into your home before making a purchase.  including all travel related costs or expenses if applicable.  If we are bringing the kitten to you using air travel then all expenses and final purchase price funds are due no later than when the kitten reaches ten (10) weeks of age.  We understand there are always extenuating circumstances and our primary goal is to make sure our kitten finds his or her perfect family - so if for any reason the purchaser needs to modify this schedule please contact Cindy (954-598-1442) to work something out.    

            A Deposit is taken to reserve your kitten and prevent anyone else from purchasing him/her - therefore the deposit is is non-refundable if the purchaser simply changes their mind or decides they do not want (or is unable) to take the kitten on who they have placed a deposit !   We really want to make sure you have thought seriously through bringing a new kitty into your family !

Deposits for Waiting-List (Unborn) Kittens from Upcoming Litters:

            All deposits for kittens who are not yet born - either planned breedings or currently pregnant females - are also non-refundable !   However, should the planned litter not produce the sex (male/female) of the kitten desired, the purchaser may apply their deposit to a future litter of the same pairing (mom/dad) or, at the sole discretion of the seller, another available kitten. 

Wait-list deposits are $250 for companion/pet kittens and $500 for future breeding kittens (and are non-refundable).     


Kitten Status Designations:

   These designations are listed in addition to the pricing designation to provide information as to the status of the kitten.

  • Available - This kitten does not currently have a deposit reserving him/her and is available for purchase - they're waiting for you ! 
  • Under Evaluation - Kittens are very young and designation has not been determined.
  • Pending - Kitten has been requested, and a deposit is to be received within 24 hours - kitten is not reserved at this point.
  • Reserved / On Hold - Initial Deposit has been received to purchase kitten. 
  • Sold - Total purchase price has been received for the kitten and they have joined (or are soon to join) their new families.
  • Staying at Le Chateau :-) - These special little ones will be joining our Breeding Program and producing future awesome litters! They have been chosen as absolute top quality kittens that we believe will contribute to improving the Bengal breed.  They will eventually become available as Pet/Companion Adults for very, very special homes.

Waiting List:

  • Because of the Boutique-Style and special care in our Cattery, we do not "price" our kittens for "sale."  Our focus is to place the right kittens and adult retired cats with the right parents.  We spend hours and hours with all of the babies and get to know each one's distinct personalities and preferences.  As a result we are able to place that perfect boy or girl in the homes they are meant to be a part of (i.e., high energy kittens with high energy families, chill, playful kittens with quiet, and calm homes, etc.).  This also means that unlike others we are not a volume breeder and do not always have kittens available - while our prices are no higher than other quality breeders, our available kittens are not available for very long - those who decide to join our waiting list have the first choice of kittens from the very next agreed upon litter - or the first opportunity to take a previously unavailable kitten.

  • Our primary objective in placing a kitten is to provide our kitten and you with a perfect match for lifelong fun, love, and companionship - not to make a sale.

  • Our kittens are no more expensive than other responsible, quality catteries - but there are less of them available !

  • So if you are interested in that perfect little leopard buddy from our Cattery, it is important to please contact usright away !   

  • We only accept two to three wait listings per litter to ensure those on the list will receive their kittens from the litters they desire.

  • For more details on the waiting list (and options) - or any information at all - please contact Cindy through ourcontact form or at (954) 598-1442 .

To Place a Deposit or Make a Payment Please Click Here

Health Guarantee:

            We stand behind every kitten we sell for the Life of the Kitten by guaranteeing the purchaser that none of our kittens will ever have a life-threatening congenital (from birth) condition.  Once the kitten is living in an environment that we can no longer control - your home - we cannot guarantee that they will not contract parasites or other infections possibly exposed to through contact with other animals or in travel.  Due to this fact, we cannot guarantee against any non-congenital (not present at birth) condition beyond an initial "inspection period (as defined in our purchase agreement)."

            Two Guarantees (Both are described and defined in the Kitten Purchase Agreement) below is a General Summary:

            Initial "Inspection Period" Guarantee - Initial three (3) business day period after the purchaser has taken possession of the kitten in order to have the kitten examined by a licensed qualified veterinarian.  Just as with people, it is possible for a seemingly healthy individual from an extremely healthy ancestry to have very latent, asymptomatic, genetic life-threatening conditions.  Should the veterinarian discover that the Kitten sold to you has one of these conditions and was therefore "unfit for sale," the purchaser has the option to request and receive a Full Refund of the purchase price (no unauthorized veterinarian or treatment costs) of the Kitten (certain conditions apply - specifically the immediate return of the kitten, and a written verifiable statement by the veterinarian attesting to such health condition).  The purchaser also has the option to apply the full purchase price paid for the Kitten toward another available Kitten or future Kitten from an agreed upon litter.   If the kitty is found to have such a health condition as described above, our position as the breeders is to take responsibility for that kitty's future health and wellbeing and not impose that on you as a purchaser.  The process of bringing a new baby into your home should be as happy and stress-free as possible !

            Secondary "Lifelong" Guarantee - As noted above, it is not ever our desire or intention to breed nor sell an unhealthy kitten.  We take great lengths, costs and efforts to maintain a pristine Cattery with only the healthiest of kitties.  We believe so strongly in the health and happiness of our kitties that we are the only cattery we know of that provides a "lifetime" guarantee against life-threatening congenital (at birth) conditions.  However, after the initial Inspection Period, the guarantee is handled a little differently - we do not give any monetary refunds past the Initial Inspection Period -  we provide the purchaser with the opportunity (for a limited period of time) to choose a replacement kitty.  While no one can truly replace another, sometimes it can soften the pain of the loss.  This guarantee also has conditions that must be met in order to remain in force and available (examples of such conditions include a written statement by the veterinarian as described above, verification that the health condition under discussion was present as congenital (at birth), etc.). 

For more information on health guarantees or other components of the Kitten Purchase Agreement please contact Cindy through the Contact Us form or call 954-598-1442 - only serious inquiries please !        

Purchase Agreement Information:

            As noted in several places on our website, we do not sell any Kitten or adult cat without a written Purchase Agreement.  This Agreement sets out all of the terms and conditions upon which we both agree to honor with each other.  If you are seriously interested in purchasing a Kitten from Bengal Chateau, please Contact Us right away.  If we both agree on the purchase of one of our kittens we will forward an agreement to you that will include the agreed upon details, terms and conditions for that kitten and will also include the agreed upon schedule for payment of deposit(s), travel costs (if applicable) and final payment.  Once an agreement has been emailed to you we must receive a deposit within 24 hours.  If the deposit is not received within 24 hours, the kitten subject to that agreement will be made available for sale to others - and/or any person who may be on our waiting list. 

            We reserve the right to refuse to sell any of our kittens to any individual for any reason, and at any time prior to receiving the full purchase price of the kitten!  We are extremely conscientious about placing our kittens and adult cats in the homes where they will thrive with their new families and receive the love, care and attention they deserve.  If at any time we feel (at our sole discretion) that there has been a mismatch, or are questionable circumstances, we have the right to refuse to sell or complete a sale with anyone at anytime prior to receiving the full purchase price and the purchaser taking delivery or possession of the kitten.  There has never been an instance where we have chosen to cancel a contract, however due to the commitment we have made to our kitties we must provide them with this guarantee prior to their leaving our Cattery.   

Shipping / Travel:

            If our Cattery is not within a reasonable driving distance from you there are two options available to receive your new baby from us: (1) One of us will fly with them (in cabin) to you for you for pick-up at your local airport; or (2) you are welcomed to fly here to our nearby airport (Ft. Lauderdale, FL - airport code FLL) and we will either meet you at the airport with your little one or you are welcomed to come to our home cattery (about a 5 to 10 minute drive) and meet their parents and siblings (if still with us) and see the environment where they were born and raised. 

            We Do Not Ship kittens as cargo - under any circumstances !  They are not cargo, they are little loved ones who deserve to be treated with the same loving care as any other member of the family.   From personal experience, and the costs that other breeders have told me it costs them to ship, we have also found that there is absolutely no cost savings in sending a kitten to anyone as cargo - completely the opposite - with two weeks planning we have been able  to travel to pick up or deliver kittens within the U.S. for less than $500 (assuming no overnight stay is necessary - which we have never needed to do).   The only additional component to air travel is the time it takes - for which we do not charge you.  The travel time it takes (1 day) is the least amount of effort we have ever had with raising our little ones and ensuring them a good home. 

            Whether we come to you or you come to us, all purchasers must take physical delivery and possession of their new kittens in person - we will never sell a kitty sight-unseen to their new families.  Seeing pictures (no matter how many) is different than seeing them in person and it is very important to us that you are happy with your choice and that your expectations are met or exceeded with our little ones !

Travel Carriers:

            For the care and safety of the kitten, ALL new kitties MUST be picked up in a travel carriers regardless of whether they are picked up to live locally or will be traveling on a plane.  It is the purchaser's sole cost and responsibility to provide an adequate travel carrier.  The little ones are calm, happy and playful here in the Cattery which is their known environment.  But, getting in and out of cars present uncontrollable situations and unknown environments that can startle your little one and surprise you causing them to possibly scratch to get free so they can run away from their perceived danger.  Then anything can happen - so a carrier is a must !

            The kittens are all accustomed to traveling in a carrier for trips to visit Dr. Eccher,our veterinarian. 


We are a Closed (Home-Bred) Cattery:

            A "Closed" cattery is one which does not stud out their males or breed their females to cats that are not owned by, and a current part of, that cattery's breeding program.  Bringing outside studs or allowing females to breed with other animals is a dangerous health practice and not one in which we engage.   

T.I.C.A. (The International Cat Association), and T.I.B.C.S (The International Bengal Cat Society) Membership  

            We are a part of TICA's voluntary responsible breeder program and have recently been designated as a

TICA Outstanding Cattery

            We are proud members of TIBCS and subscribe to their code of ethics and voluntary responsible breeder program.  We are also in the process of completing the qualifications for the TIBCS Breeders of Distinction program.  In addition to adhering to the Code of Ethics, passing a written examination, appropriate advertising guidelines, using contracts for all kitty sales, and being a TICA Outstanding Cattery (all of which we currently meet), this program requires that we participate in showing our kitties which will take some time to complete - but it is in the plans ! 

Pricing Information

Below are general pricing guidelines we use, but

For specific pricing on currently available Kittens please go to the Kittens Page and note each price

Stud-Book Tradition (SBTs) 5th Generation +

Kitten Pricing Designations:There are four levels of pricing designations: Pet, Breeding Program, Cutting Edge/Show, and Companion Adults

  • Pet Kittens- (Range $750 an up) These kittens are top quality, exotically beautiful, wonderful little friends who will make great new members of a special family. 

  • Breeding Program Cutting-Edge Kittens - (Range $1,950 and up) These special little ones contain this designation because they are excellent representations of breed standard in health, temperament, and appearance. They are who will advance the next generation of the breed and are ready to knock-out the judges at any Bengal competition!  

  • Retired Adults - (Adoption Fees Range $250 - $550) These special friends only become available once in a while.  They have retired from their careers as breeders.  As breeders they were determined to be top specimens in both health, beauty, and personality. They were so highly thought of by our Cattery that we kept them to include in our breeding program as the best of the best!

      For the love and health of the cat, we rarely allow a cat to breed past the age of four years old.  So, these young friends are spayed/neutered upon retiring and then placed in their family home - which could be with you.  They hold a very special place in our hearts and will only be allowed to be adopted by a person or family who is prepared to give them a lifetime home with the love and attention they deserve.

F2s & F3s - Foundation Prices

Please see comments on Bebe's (F1) page for more information on a foundation Bengal.

  • F2 Females - (Range $2,500 and up) These girls are the product of an F1 parent and SBT parent (25% ALC)
  • F2 Males - (Range $1,750 and up) These boys are the product of an F1 parent and SBT parent (25% ALC) as pets only.
  • F3 Females  - (Range $2,500 and up) These girls are the product of an F2 parent and SBT parent and are priced as pets or breeders.
  • F3 Males - (Range $1,750 and up) These boys are the product of an F2 parent and SBT parent and are priced as pets only

            All of our Kittens come with TICA registration papers and ancestral pedigree information provided by Bengal Chateau. They have current vaccinations appropriate for their age and are typically ready to go to their new homes between 12 to 16 weeks of age.  All kittens from our Cattery are only sold with a written kitten purchase agreement that includes a health guarantee and spay/neutering information!

Please Contact Us for more Information about becoming an Owner of a Bengal Chateau little leopard Kitten !

Cindy (954) 598-1442

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