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     King Charles aka "Charlie"


 The Story of Charlieis our sweet Silver Boy.

He was born right in our Cattery.

His Beautiful Mom - Fefe' - is now retired and living with us as a very spoiled lady of leisure.  Charlie has just started mating and has given us beautiful little silver babies and a few brown ones too.  Charlie has beautiful big, green eyes, a gorgeous pelt, and pretty paw-print rosettes, a big strong male physique, and the sweetest personality ! 

                  King Zephyrus Snow



 The Story of  "Zephyrus"

 Zephyrus was one of the Greek four directional wind-gods.  He was the god of the west wind, and was also the god of spring. 

​​​There is an ancient Greek belief that the winds,Boreas  and his brother Zephyrus, in the shape of the finest stallions, would sweep down upon the premium hand-picked Trojan mares in early spring and fertilize them, producing the swiftest and finest offspring of their kind.  The fabulous horses of Troy were said to have been sired by Boreas and Zephyrus. Bo has already lived up to his legend - we have no doubt his new buddy Zephyrus will as well !

Story from: "Zephyrus: Greek god of the west wind; mythology; pictuers: AQUILO."

  HCM Negative         PK Def N/N (Negative)

            Boreas' father, Blizzard of Bali Bengal Cattery in France, is an absolutely stunning seal point lynx Snow Bengal..  His mother is the beautiful Bundas Showgirl of the Fakir Bengal Cattery in Montreal.  Both parents are from championship pedigrees.

           Boreas ("Bo") got his name from the impression he made, as a kitten in charge, the first moment we met.    He has lived up to his Legend ! As the first, and for a long time the only, stud of my cattery he has proven to be up for the task.  All the ladies love Bo and he has produced litters with Meme, Fefe, and Bebe !     Bo is truly the King of our Chateau!!!.

           We are very proud of Bo and the beautiful kittens he and his girls have given us.   Bo is so special that we started our Cattery with him as our only male. We raised him as a kitten in our home with our females (also as kittens) until they were all healthy, happy adults before allowing them to breed.  Bo and Meme (Brown Rosetted SBT) welcomed their first litter in June of 2013; Bo and Fefe(Silver Spotted SBT) welcomed their first litter in January of 2014, and Bo and Bebe' (F1) welcomed their first litter in February of 2014

SireBali Bengal Blizzard               DamBundas Showgirl of Fakir Bengal

The Story of "Boreas"

            Boreas was the god of the north wind, one of the four directional wind-gods.  He was also the god of winter, who swept down from the cold northern mountains. 

            Boreas  and his brother-wind Zephyrus were often imagined as horse-shaped gods.  An ancient Greek belief was that the winds Boreas and his brother Zephyrus would sweep down upon the finest Trojan mares in early spring and fertilize them, producing the the swiftest and finest Trojan Horses of their kind.  The fabulous horses of Troy were said to have been sired by Boreas and his brother Zephyrus.    

                                                                                                            Story from: "Boreas: Greek god of the north wind; mythology; pictuers: AQUILO."

KING Boreas - The Number One

King of the Chateau !