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We believe so strongly in their proper nutrition that we condition our health guarantee on the kittens' nutrition!  There are many good options of quality food available for your new kitty. 

We have spent many, many, many hours researching different types of commercial food available, manufacturers and manufacturing processes, ingredients, sources of ingredients, and levels of nutritional content for a species appropriate feline diet.

As a result we have developed our own Species Appropriate Natural Premium Quality Cat Food !!!  

When we have gone to shows other breeders ask us how we get our cats' coats to shine so much. We tell them all we do is feed them our homemade diet. We get doubtful looks and hints that we are just keeping secrets but there is no secret! When an animal (including ourselves) is eating a diet it is designed to eat, it shows!!!

You will find that providing high quality nutrition for your kitty will cost you no more than much lesser quality food !!! And, a species appropriate diet will greatly contribute to the health, happiness, and appearance of your kitty (reducing the possibility of obesity and other health concerns  while supporting their shiny soft silky coats) !!!

Please feel free to conduct your own research and consult with your veterinarian to confirm all of our findings and discover a few of your own - that is what we did.  Note that some veterinarians and health care professionals are opposed to a raw diet altogether and that is an important question to ask prior to asking any other questions. But, do not stop with asking one or two people. Really research the facts and you will find that:

1.    All cats are obligate carnivores who do not digest plant materials - at all.

2.   Undigested material is simply wasted (producing more to clean in litter boxes) or unhealthily stored..

3.   In order to ingest enough nutrition to feel satisfied, a cat or kitten will eat more calories to be able to ingest enough actual nutrition required for each day - these unnecessary calories add extra weight.

4.   A species appropriate diet provides a perfect balance of nutrition through the "right" ingredients (digestible) that eliminates the need to overeat.


Prior to making our first batch of food I showed my recipe to our vet for his blessing and received it.  His only warning - as with any responsible advisor - was to be aware of the potential danger and proper handling of any raw food. As with most